Step 0: Bracing the Bow

It goes without saying you won’t be shooting a bow that isn’t strung. Below is the simplest and fastest way to brace or “string” a traditional-style recurve and it doesn’t require any additional equipment. Refer to the following diagram (Fig. 36) for help picturing the process, and there’s also a video below. You might want to review the parts of the bow if you are unfamiliar with composite bows.

bracing a bow while standing up

While standing, take the top limb of your bow in your Draw hand (hold it at the level of its upper neck) and pass the bow behind the Draw-side leg and in front of the Grasp-side leg. Ensure the back of the bow is facing your back, and its belly is facing your belly. You should be in a position where your Draw-side foot is in front of the grip (with the grip resting against the back of your knee), and your Grasp-side foot is behind the bottom bow limb (with the knee of the limb resting against your shin).

With your Grasp hand, bend down and hook the bottom loop onto the bottom string nock. Stand back up and slide your hand up the string until you are holding the upper string loop. Use your Draw hand to force the neck of the bow forward firmly while using your legs to resist the force. Once you’ve bent the limb far enough forward, you should be able to slip the string loop up and over the siyah and into the upper string nock. Check the string alignment before releasing pressure on the neck. Then check the straightness of the limbs before using the bow.

Un-bracing is the reverse with the exception that you have to step through the bow between the belly and string first. Always unstring your bow when you are done practicing for the day.

Please note I say “Knee” when I mean “Neck” in this video. Whoops.

Weapons of Choice – Bracing the Bow – Grasping (and intro to Drawing)